Photograph of Dream Town agent Jill Frianeza

Jill Frianeza

As Hadley’s dedicated administrative assistant, Jill seamlessly integrates herself into every facet of the real estate process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for clients. Beyond her role in day-to-day transaction coordination and preparing clients for buying or selling, Jill extends her expertise to various crucial aspects of the real estate business.

With a keen eye for digital presence, Jill takes charge of Hadley’s social media management, skillfully navigating platforms to enhance visibility and engagement for sale listings. Her proficiency in crafting compelling content contributes to a robust online presence, attracting potential clients and fostering connections within the community.

Jill provides invaluable administrative support throughout the listing and sales process. She ensures that each step is meticulously executed, from organizing paperwork to coordinating appointments, guaranteeing a seamless and organized experience for clients and colleagues alike. Her meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills significantly contributes to Dream Town’s commitment to excellence.

Recognizing the importance of effective marketing, Jill collaborates seamlessly with Dream Town’s in-house marketing department to bolster Hadley’s promotional efforts through property eblasts and postcards, and more, contributing to successful sales outcomes.

Jill’s journey into real estate is enriched by her academic background in Mass Communication. Her diverse professional background, including roles as a call center supervisor and ESL teacher, equips her with the necessary tools to provide exceptional client service. Her ability to navigate various communication channels ensures that clients feel supported and well-informed throughout their real estate journey.

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Contact Jill Frianeza

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